Plans include:BronzeSilverGold
Multiple System Discount
Air Conditioning (Spring)
Run and Test A/C
Check Capacitors
Inspect Wiring
Amp Draw of Compressor
Amp Draw of Condenser
Clean Evap. Coil
Inspect Drain Lines & Drain Pan
Level Evap. Coil
Replace Basic Filters
Rinse Cond. Coil no Chemicals
Chemically Clean Condenser - if necessary
Heating (Fall)
Run & Test Furnace
Clean Evap. Coil
Test Safety Controls
Replace Basic Filters
Inspect Drain Lines & Drain Pan
Check for Gas Leaks
Rinse Cond. Coil no Chemicals (HP)
Inspect/Adjust Burners Assembly
Inspect Heat Exchanger
Inspect Ignition Assembly
Replace Missing Screws
Add Ons:
Check and Test Breaker/Inspect Disconnect and Whip
Priority Scheduling
No Overtime Fees Apply
Guaranteed 24 Hour Service Response
Brush Off Furnace and Wipe Down
Replace Armaflex @ Outdoor Unit if Needed
Clean Electronic Air Cleaner Cells
Replace 4" Filters and Space Guard Filters
Check Calibration of Thermostat
Install Float Switches
Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors
Clean Bowler Wheel if Needed
Level Condenser Pad