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Welcome to Optimized Air! We’re here to make sure your Libertyville home is cozy in winter and cool in summer. At Optimized Air, we’re all about fixing and setting up heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems to keep you comfy all year round.


We’re now servicing Libertyville, IL. We specialize in fixing air conditioners when they’re acting up, swapping them out for newer ones, and setting up brand-new systems. We’re also pros at handling furnaces – fixing them, replacing them, as well as new AC installations.


At Optimized Air, we care about making your place feel just right. We’re not just about fixing things; we’re about doing a great job, being quick to help, and making sure your HVAC system fits what you need.
Let’s explore more about Optimized Air and how we can make your place the comfortable haven you deserve!

Air Conditioning Services We Offer in Libertyville, IL

Air Conditioner Repair Services:

  • Diagnosis of common AC issues: Identifying and troubleshooting typical problems encountered in air conditioning units, such as compressor failure, refrigerant leaks, or malfunctioning components.

  • Quick response and efficient repairs: Ensuring prompt attendance and efficient resolution of identified issues to minimize downtime and restore optimal functionality.

Air Conditioner Replacement Services:

  • Assessment of old units: Evaluation of existing air conditioning systems to determine their condition, efficiency, and potential for repair versus replacement.

  • Options for high-efficiency replacements: Offering recommendations for modern, energy-efficient AC units that suit the client’s needs, focusing on cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

Air Conditioner Installation Services:

  • New AC installations for residential and commercial properties: Providing installation services for brand new air conditioning systems in both residential and commercial settings.
  • Customized solutions based on space and needs: Tailoring installation plans and equipment selection according to the specific requirements, dimensions, and usage patterns of the space to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.

This comprehensive range of services covers the entire spectrum of air conditioning needs, from addressing immediate repairs to suggesting energy-efficient replacements and providing tailored installation solutions.

Furnace Services We Offer in Libertyville, IL

Furnace Repair Service

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of furnace problems: Thoroughly assessing and identifying issues with furnaces, including problems related to heating elements, ventilation, or control systems.
  • Timely and effective repairs: Ensuring prompt and efficient solutions to rectify identified furnace issues, aiming to restore optimal heating functionality.

Furnace Replacement Service

  • Evaluation of existing systems: Assessing the condition, efficiency, and overall performance of current furnace systems to determine if repair or replacement is the most viable option.
  • Recommendations for energy-efficient replacements: Offering guidance and suggestions for selecting modern, energy-saving furnace models that align with clients’ needs while prioritizing energy efficiency.

Furnace Installation Services

  • Installations for new constructions: Providing furnace installation services for newly constructed buildings, ensuring the integration of efficient heating systems that suit the property’s specific requirements.
  • Upgrading existing systems for better performance: Enhancing the performance and efficiency of current furnace systems by upgrading components or installing newer, more advanced units to improve overall heating effectiveness.

These furnace services cover a wide spectrum, ranging from diagnosing and repairing issues to providing recommendations for energy-efficient replacements and installing or upgrading furnace systems for optimal performance in both new and existing properties.

First-Time Customer Benefits

At Optimized Air, we believe in making furnace & AC maintenance affordable for our customers. That’s why we offer seasonal discounts on our tune-up services.


Whether it’s a summer deal to prepare for winter or a winter special to ensure your furnace is in top shape, we provide cost-effective opportunities to keep your home cozy and your budget happy.


Currently, we are offering $15 off all furnace & AC tune-ups for new customers. Just ask!

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Scheduling your furnace tune-up is a breeze. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to our dedicated team via phone, email, or through our website. We’re here to answer any questions and assist you in setting up your appointment.
  2. Choose Your Service: Discuss your needs and preferences with our team. Whether you’re interested in seasonal discounts, subscription plans, or first-time customer benefits, we’ll find the best fit for you.
  3. Select a Convenient Time: Work with our team to select a date and time that suits your schedule. We’ll do our best to accommodate your preferences.

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